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Quick Links: Day Nursery

If we are providing Stay & Play, Crèche and Playgroup activities these sessions can be found in our current Activities Diary click-here to view

For information on Day Nursery provision click on the Quick Link at the top of this page

You can find out about Childminders and Nurseries on the birmingham.gov website or call our office for local information on 323 1121  

The different forms of childcare are described below:

Childminder - a qualified professional who offers childcare to children in their own home. Advantages are that children can be part of mixed age groups, have the same carer all day and go on frequent outings. They can also stay with the same childminder for before and after school care in many cases.

Pre- School Playgroup- offers early education for children aged 2-5. Has a parent committee and often expects parents to volunteer in the group or with fund raising. Is non profit making so can offer lower fees. However may only run in school hours/termtime.

Private Nursery - will often offer early education from babies upwards and extended hours from 8am to 6pm.

Nursery Class or School- part of a school and offers term time only school hours.  

Nannies and au pairs are not eligible to take this funding.

If OFSTED registered before/after school and holiday clubs may be able to support with the 30 hours entitlement.  


All children are eligible for 15 hours of FREE early education and childcare at the age of 3. This rises to 30 hours for the children of working parents (both work at least 16 hours on living wage and no individual parent earns in excess of £100k.) Parents may split these hours eg 15 with a school nursery class and the other 15 with a PVI or childminder. Parents may spread these hours across the year if settings offer this. More news to follow on this page as available.

 Some children can claim this from the age of 2 if parents claim benefits, earn under 17K per year, the child is or has ever been a foster child or if the child has a Early Health Care Plan for special needs. Children who start part time at 2 go on to do better at school so, even if you are not working or have family helping out, it is best for your child to do some early education hours in a setting or with a childminder.

You can claim both 2 year EEE AND Working tax credit as support for your child. EG You can claim 15 hours EEE and also claim additional hours via working tax credit. 


Our admin office number 323 1121 maintain a list of childcare with vacancies and can advise you further.  

Approved Childcarers

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  • Offers childcare in the child's own home
  • Can be a particular benefit for parents who work unconventional hours, and for children with additional needs
  • Parents may benefit from tax credits

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  • Are self employed and provide care for between one and six children under 8 years old, in the childminder's own home
  • May care for additional children aged between 8 and 15 years old
  • May drop and pick up children from school or playgroup, and can provide flexible opening times for overnight and weekend care
  • Accredited childminders can offer Nursery Education Funded places
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  • Provide short term on site care, often based in shopping centres, sport or learning facilities
  • Children are cared for while parents attend specific training, sport or leisure facilities
  • Most provide care for children aged 0-8 years
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Day Nurseries
  • Are private providers offering care for children from 0-5 years
  • Children are cared for in age groups, and take part in a wide range of group activities
  • Have fixed opening times, and most are open all year round, excluding weekends
  • Accredited nurseries are eligible for Early Education Funding

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Maintained Nursery Settings
  • Are based on school sites
  • Offer teacher supported learning though play, based around the Foundation Stage (Birth to 3) Curriculum, for 3 and 4 year olds prior to their entry to school
  • Open during term time only
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Pre-Schools (Playgroups)
  • Provide sessional and wrap-around care, and learning through play for pre-school children
  • Offer an introduction to group play away from Parents or Carers
  • Some may offer Nursery Education Funded places
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